Heliostia Brand Story - This is where the dream begins…..

Hi Everyone, 

My name is Cindy mother of 3, the brand Heliostia was named after my kids (Helios 👦🏻+ Hestia👧🏻). I am a working mom who love fashion and high quality items. The idea 💡 of creating a diaper backpack from scratch came about when I had my third baby👶🏻. I was looking for a stylish and practical diaper bag that is sustainable, a bag I can use even after my baby has grown up. But there were very limited options to choose from, all the previous diaper bags that I used they no longer suited my need after my babies have grown up, so I have given them away as I couldn’t use it for my own or there’s not enough compartments to separate my items with the kids, I need to carry another bag to store my items.

Therefore I have done lots of research based on the current market selections from 4 aspects: functionality, design, quality and comfortability. We aim to inject creativity, trend, classic and versatility into the traditional diaper bag. The design was inspired by the beautiful natural element of New Zealand Kowhai Flower. We want to bring moms the calm, relaxing and peaceful feeling from the nature to their busy life, to remind them to take a break, enjoy life and to empower moms with happiness everyday.

Our bag has 15 compartments to put all of baby’s necessities as well as mom’s, which allows moms to stay well equipped at all times, makes on-the-go experience with their little ones easeful. It is suitable for all stages of moms: Pregnant
🤰🏼 New Born 👩‍🍼Toddler 👦🏻Travel alone👩🏻‍🦰. A bag even dad 👨‍🦰can use when helping out.

We would like to show our appreciation to moms for their love 💕 and care to the family and kids, to tell them how great they are. Thus we have included an exclusive customized box for the diaper bag, as it’s not just an ordinary diaper bag, it’s a gift to our amazing moms, to provide them with a premium experience.

Hope you enjoy the journey being with us, and like the product we brought to you.

Customized Package diaper bag

Best Regards,


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